TURASÓIR was started with the simple desire to come back from a holiday feeling stronger, recharged, and energised. Yet when we went to look the market was overcrowded, the information inadequate and the best retreats didn’t even have visibility over the noise. We heard from people they’d ended up choosing the wrong retreat (a costly mistake) and it wasn’t what suited their goals or desired intensity. 


If only there was a better way.


turas: journey; -óir: A suffix indicating a person who does. (Gaelic) A person who goes on a journey. 



Safe travels.




TURASÓIR Limited is a U.K registered company and offer price match guarantee. Please refer to our terms and conditions or contact us if you have any questions.




Choose from our curated list of of leading fitness, yoga and wellbeing vacations around the world, and plan the healthy holiday that’s just for you.



TURASÓIR has meticulously researched each retreat to assure you of a higher standard of quality. Whether Burpees till you pass out is your pace or just being able to touch your toes, we can help you book your luxury fitness holiday.



Think gorgeous luxury fitness retreats where a HIIT session on the beach is followed by healthy, locally sourced, Michelin-star chef prepared meals.